MINU VISUALS STUDIO - A human life is made up for many moments and memories. How many of them stay in your mind? Photographs are a boon to humanity, to look back fondly at moments that you first experienced, right from baby steps to armchair moments. Minu Visual Studio is there with you. We are experts at making fleeting moments into immortal memories. Sail through life with Minu Visual's vivid and complete portraits and videography.


Our Business

Are you waiting for your most special occasion of life? Can�t you get what the special occasion is? The most awaiting and happiest moment of an individual is his/her marriage. You will be treated as a prince and princess on that day. For an occasion which makes everything special, we will invite all of our relatives and friends. For inviting them we need an amazing wedding card Right!.

The richness and grandness of your wedding will be reflected through your wedding cards. The invitation cards are the most special things that you are not going to make with your name more than one time. So, you have to give more importance and make more efforts to make that invitation cards the best one.

Photo Studio

Always wished you had a family photograph where everyone looked beautifully put together and above all no one was struggling with the camera timer? We have the perfect solution. Come to our spacious photo studio for a family portrait using the best in photography equipment.